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Game Version 9.1.5
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3.7.3 (2021-11-02)

Full Changelog


TOC Update for Retail and a few new features/additions

Remove ExternalAddons API as it was broken and unused

More preparation for Nested Groups


Casey Raethke (1):

  • Add UNIT_RESISTANCES to Character Stats trigger

InfusOnWoW (22):

  • Remove accidental debug print
  • Ensure that on drag start we select the dragged aura
  • Document that DuplicateAura does not copy children
  • Remove unused parameter from internal function
  • Simplify filterAnimPresets
  • Simplify code around deletion of dynamic groups
  • Remove reference to dead regionType "timer"
  • PickDisplay: Adjust for nested groups
  • Recursively add parents, grandparents, etc
  • Prepare group for nested
  • Skip sub groups in shift multi selection
  • Add Spirit to Character Stats
  • Use .data.id instead of GetTitle()
  • ExternalAddons: Remove it
  • BCC: Fix combo points not updating on target change
  • AuraBar: Fix SetInverse not inversing overlays
  • Fix reseting of x/y offset on auras being moved into a dynamic group
  • Swing Timer: Note that the trigger is not correct in BCC
  • Fix conditions not being unapplied correctly in collapse
  • Add support for Charged Combo Points with Kyrian Legendary
  • Text Replacements: Add Custom Variables with descriptions
  • Try to preserve names on importing

Lynn (1):

  • TTS: Save value.message_voice as number instead of string

Stanzilla (1):

  • Update TOC for Retail Patch 9.1.5

mrbuds (2):

  • enable TTS on classic_era and fix error for tbc
  • swing timer: fix spell that reset swing not starting swing timer by waiting a frame after the spell so "isAttacking" has correct state

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