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Filename WeakAuras-3.4.2.zip
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Uploaded May 27, 2021
Game Version 9.0.5
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3.4.2 (2021-05-27)

Full Changelog


  • More work on nested groups.
  • Make more WeakAuras functions private.
  • BCC fixes and model updates.


InfusOnWoW (13):

  • Prepare another small part of WeakAurasOptions for nested
  • Prepare TriggerTemplates for nested
  • Make Private accessible for Templates
  • Prepare TriggerOptions for nested
  • Prepare another part of ActionOptions for nested
  • Prepare GetOverlayInfo for nested
  • Prepare SortDisplayButtons for nested
  • Prepare automatic frame level setting for nested
  • Slightly Simplify ProgressTexture Options code
  • Cast Trigger: Deprecate the old Spell Name check
  • Move Swing Timer remaining time check to the right place
  • Improve scam checks
  • Fix regression on dragging auras

Stanzilla (3):

  • Move SortDisplayButtons to private namespace (#3116)
  • Update WeakAurasModelPaths from wow.tools
  • Update WeakAurasModelPaths from wow.tools

emptyrivers (1):

  • privatise DisplayToString

mrbuds (3):

  • swing timer: do not reset swing on SPELLEXTRAATTACKS
  • Swing Timer trigger, fix remaining time check fixes #3106
  • fix CorrectSpellName for linked spells on TBC

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