WeakAuras 2

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Filename WeakAuras-2.5.9.zip
Uploaded by Stanzilla
Uploaded Apr 6, 2018
Game Version 7.3.5
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WeakAuras 2

2.5.9 (2018-04-06)

Full Changelog

Infus (13):

  • Copy disjunctive and customTriggerLogic in the copy trigger part
  • Fix Copy/Paste code for Groups
  • Remove code that is no longer needed
  • Implement tracking Cooldown of a specific charge for Spells
  • Templates: Bladestorm is not a talent for Arms
  • Fix a bug in reordering triggers
  • Add default value for slantMode
  • Add a "slanted" mode to Progress Textures
  • Fix empty "Required for Activation" for newly created trigger
  • Fix regression for Apply Templates button
  • Add Condition Properties for xOffset and yOffset
  • Add offset options to auras in dynamic groups
  • Add a "internal version" to auras, so that Modernize knows what to do

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