WeakAuras 2

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Filename WeakAuras-2.5.8.zip
Uploaded by Stanzilla
Uploaded Mar 23, 2018
Game Version 7.3.5
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WeakAuras 2

2.5.8 (2018-03-16)

Full Changelog

Benjamin Staneck (2):

  • fix the translation script for PRs
  • adjust range check trigger text a bit

Infus (14):

  • Fix Add Property for multi selection
  • Add a SetTexture function to Progress Textures
  • Implement TODOs
  • Fix canceling "Apply Template" picks the new option
  • Add a bit of space between Choose Trigger and "Add"
  • Fix text replacement for Texture auras
  • Add a text explaining the range trigger to the Range Trigger
  • Add "Reorder" for Triggers and Conditions
  • Fix editing conditions with multiple auras selected
  • Remove debug output
  • Fix cooldown handling of "disabled" cooldowns
  • Remove a workaround for GetSpellCooldown("Water Jet")
  • Reimplement Copy and Paste
  • Options Window: Cooldown Progress: Fix initial value

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