WeakAuras 2

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Filename WeakAuras-2.5.7.zip
Uploaded by Stanzilla
Uploaded Feb 22, 2018
Game Version 7.3.5
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WeakAuras 2

2.5.6-25-gdcfc46c (2018-02-18)

Full Changelog

Benjamin Staneck (14):

  • change some power types again
  • change range check label from Range to Distance
  • change back some power types as their format is not consistent
  • change the global strings used for power type translations to be the ones of power types instead of the resource itself
  • add some newlines to the changelog
  • fix pkgmeta
  • add the temp commit file to ,gitignore
  • Update pkgmeta
  • switch to manual changelog generation and add a script to do that
  • only push localization if master changes and ignore the script in WowAce packaging
  • add a script to automatically push translations to WowAce
  • dev instead of development
  • use the same version string for the window title as for the LDB tooltip
  • fix LibRangecheck path

Infus (10):

  • Fix Range Check trigger
  • Templates: Add KJ's burning wish to the correct specs
  • Combat Log Trigger: Fix SPELL_ENERGIZE
  • Add Allied Races to templates
  • Attach legendaries/sets to each spec instead of a global list
  • Update Templates based on suggestions from Nighthawk
  • Add Range Checker trigger
  • Transmission: Add a timeout if no data to check if we received data
  • Add resizers to the bottom right corner
  • Fix Stagger progress not updating

emptyrivers (1):

  • implement UnitIsUnit option

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