WeakAuras 2

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Sep 9, 2013

Owner: Stanzilla

2.6.0 (2018-07-17)

Full Changelog

Aigars Bedeicis (1):

  • Add Scale option to groups

Allen Leigh Faure (1):

  • partial reversion 0128295

Andrew Scott (1):

  • LibSpellRange-1.0 is now on GitHub

Benjamin Staneck (23):

  • correct formatting of new HelperFunctions file
  • LibSpellRange-1.0 is now on GitHub
  • clean up a few unused upvalues
  • Bring back accidently deleted charges function
  • Check if path is a string instead
  • add a nil check in SetTextureOrAtlas() since name can be nil sometimes
  • Fix nil value error
  • fix variable shadowing
  • Update issue templates
  • Fix tooltip truncation
  • Fix nil error
  • oops 2
  • oops
  • make the "cannot load addon" messages a bit nicer
  • change some print formats
  • Pull LibRangeCheck in via pkgmeta again since it was updated.
  • clarify that a few load conditions support more than one entry
  • re-enable zone id load condition by using the new map API
  • package 8.0 branch tags using the BigWigs packager
  • remove LibChatAnims
  • change to simpler url format in pkgmeta since we don't use the other options anyway.
  • use the new STAT_STAGGER constant to translate Stagger
  • update changelog

Buds (3):

  • OnHide code was run on frame creation, fix #474 (#476)
  • oops
  • fix CheckPvpTalentByIndex nil index error (#453)

Infus (23):

  • Simplify stacks code for Cooldown Progress
  • Fix ESC handling
  • Make Raid Buffs not use ownOnly
  • Revert "Workaround a issue in LibSpellRange"
  • Fine tune templates
  • Update templates for BfA
  • Add initial templates for some classes
  • Fix display options for multi-selection and overlays
  • Add Bar Alpha to Conditions
  • AuraBar: Add Icon Desaturate to Conditions
  • Fix tooltip scanning and improve the functionality
  • Fix Charges not updating on talent changes
  • Move Registering of Events from Add to Load
  • Fix models not showing up
  • Register the Options window in UISpecialFrames
  • Document another place as a WORKAROUND around a Blizzard bug
  • Add Atlas texture support for Textures, Progress Textures and Sparks
  • Fix Aura not showing on ScanAll in certain cases
  • Fix showing of wrong icon in a corner case
  • Fix BuffTrigger's CanHaveDuration
  • Fix setting glow on a aura moves it around
  • Fix Range Trigger + Range Conditions
  • Fix charges Changed trigger

Rehok (1):

  • Cooldown Progress (Equipment Slot): Add Name function

asakawa-k (1):

  • Add functions commonly used by custom WA authors

emptyrivers (4):

  • include maghar orc in race_types
  • Fix anchored auras in dynamic groups
  • Ignore Load tab when copying display
  • [Feature] Add HSV color animations (#408)