A DPS maximiser module for the We Don't Wipe AddOn.

You may use this rotation from level 98 to 110. It is suitable for all manner of Dungeons, Raids, questing and world bosses.

Works great in Legion Patch 7.1!


You will need the latest We Don't Wipe.
You will need the latest Hard Yards.

Priority Queue (aka Rotation)

(To make any sense of this you must read the notes below)

  • Eye Beam for low level players
  • Metamorphosis (see note below)
    • Chaos Blades (if talent chosen) -> Death Sweep -> Annihilation
  • Vengeful Retreat
    • If Prepared talent taken then Fury must be no more than 20 from cap
    • To keep Momentum buff up
    • If player really low level just use it
  • Fel Rush
    • With Fel Mastery talent, Fury must not exceed cap (any Prepared Fury also included)
    • If about to reach 2 charges
    • To keep Momentum buff up
    • To initiate combat (but see "overshoot" below)
  • Eye Beam with Demonic talent
  • Fel Eruption
  • Fury of the Illidari and Momentum buff
  • Pre level 102 / no selected Tier 3 talents priority:
    • Chaos Strike
    • Throw Glaive
    • Blade Dance
  • Blade Dance with First Blood talent
  • Felblade
  • Throw Glaive with Momentum buff and Bloodlet talent
  • Fel Barrage (if talent chosen) and with 5 charges and Momentum buff
  • Eye Beam with Anguish of the Deceiver trait (but see "anguish" below)
  • Chaos Strike
  • Fel Barrage (if talent chosen) and with 4 charges and Momentum buff
  • Demon's Bite (if Demon Blades talent NOT chosen)
  • Range based filler
    • Throw Glaive for 15 to 30 yards
    • Vengeful Retreat followed by Fel Rush for melee range, if possible. Otherwise Demon's Bite if possible
    • Fel Rush all other situations (but see "overshoot" below)
  • Filler icon (but see "uptoyou" below)

Rotation Notes


The priority queue depends upon your distance from the target. You must use the Hard Yards AddOn. Requiring this AddOn is a different but necessary approach to previous WDW modules.


This addOn manages your Fury generation very well indeed. It forecasts future generation and Fury needs. If you see Felblade or Demon's Bite seemingly out of order, it is because WDW has a need for more Fury so you can pull off an upcoming Fury based ability. This AddOn also anticipates extra Fury from a successful Fel Mastery talented Fel Rush and Prepared talented Vengeful Retreat.

But... if you are relying totally upon Demon Blades or Demonic Appetite for your Fury and didn't bother even with Fel Barrage (which has a cool down), then the priority queue, beyond position #1, will be less relevant as WDW has no idea how quickly you will be generating Fury from the hits which succeed in landing while you are able to stand still (i.e. Demon Blades), or whether there are Lesser Soul Fragments and you'll be able to consume them (i.e. Demonic Appetite).

Single Target

All WDW modules are for single target, due to limitations with the programming API. Yes, Havoc is all about cleave, surges and AoE so with multiple mobs not a lot would really change.


Your big cool down / burst. This AddOn does NOT tell you when to use it. It is up to your raid leader. In dungeons it is typically up to you unless you are pushing hard content. The Nemesis talent (if selected) should be used to initiate Metamorphosis. This AddOn constantly looks for a Nemesis or Metamorphosis buff and adjusts accordingly. The Chaos Blades talent is strongly suggested for this bursty play style.


The choice of worthwhile talent combinations is very diverse and this WDW module allows for anything. It is a matter of comfortable play style as well as min/max research for higher end raiders amongst you. This explains why the priority queue (above) is so very long and goes way beyond min/max website recommendations.

Traits and Relics

Due to limitations with the programming API, this module cannot test for chosen traits and relics. All DPS min/max websites assume you have all available traits. See the "anguish" parameter (below).


Where the rotation mentions this buff, it is relevant only if the talent was chosen.

Not seeing Vengeful Retreat or Fel Rush in the rotation? That's because VR is on cool down and/or you are more than 5 yards from your target; and because you are more than 15 yards from your target for Fel Rush or so close that if you FR, you will stop beyond melee range. Set your "overshoot" to "y" to see more FR. See also the "range" parameter.

Suitable for questing, levelling and raiding?

Very much so. The programming tests for player level, known spells and selected talents. Tested from level 98 in Mardum through to level 110 instances.

Pro raiders do this: /wdw setr anguish=y,overshoot=n,range=0,wait=0

Opening Salvo

This module handles initiation. It totally depends upon your distance from the target. It will either suggest Throw Glaive or if you are within range Fel Rush. If you are a huge distance away then Fel Rush is suggested so as to close down the range.

Modifiable Parameters

From the chat line, the following modifiable parameters can be adjusted by you. The values are saved between sessions.

/wdw setr anguish=y

You selected Anguish of the Deceiver as an Artifact Trait. The WoW programming API does not provide the tools to check this. You must set this here. At affects whether or not to add Eye Beam to the rotation. The Default is "y"!!! This is because my testing showed that EB always added significantly to dps. You should set this to "n" if indeed you have not selected the trait AND you wish to follow the thinking of a popular dps website.

/wdw setr fury=y

Whether to include Fury of the Illidari. Default is "y".

/wdw setr overshoot=y

If set to "n" then Fel Rush will be excluded if it will take you more than 5 yards past a mob. Useful to keep you up close and personal, ymmv.

/wdw setr range=0

An ability must be in range so that it may appear in the queue. If, for example, it is okay to be 5 yards outside of range then set this parameter to 5. A large value allows WDW to be very lenient but an ability may appear in the queue when you are outside usable range. Default is "0". 0 to 20 yards.

/wdw setr wait=0.4

At times an ability might not be exactly ready to use as it is cooling down or recharging. The default is to allow an ability to appear in its queue position up to 400ms before it is ready. A range of 0 to 1.5s is allowed.

Pro players will want to set this to zero. High values affect DPS but can help slower players and players with high latency.

/wdw setr uptoyou=nnnnn

The spell or item ID of the queue filler icon. Use negative for an item. IDs can be found at Wowhead.com. Default is -34249, the Hula Girl Doll sold by Griftah!

/wdw setr {parameter}=?

List the current value and a description of the parameter. New Patch 7.1!

/wdw listp

List the parameters for this module.

Cookies, Beer & Donations

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