Last Updated: Mar 4, 2015 Game Version: 6.1.0


Jun 29, 2008

Owner: Tixu

WowCardioRaid is an offline standalone parser for analyzing the wow combat log output. It's not an Addon, but a full external application. So, *do not* use CurseClient to get it, because this tool has nothing to do in the wow addon folder.

This tool supports LiveUpdate, Realtime parsing and advanced ressources log from wow 6.0

  • -launch the program
  • -load a WowCombatlog.txt file. Logs are located in the .\logs repertory of World of warcraft.
  • -watch and analyse the log in the graphic/replay viewport throught multiple filters/focus systems
  • -You can Zoom and dezoom on the timeline, select time period, select spell or event.
  • -You can see a stats breakdown for the selected period of time.

It only works on windows. Beta version and Sources can be found at

To be able to use 1.2+ features you must enable the advanced logging in Wow.

Go in Wow -> option/network/check advanced log then, you must quit the game then relaunch it. I also recommend to discard your current wowcombatlog.txt before register a new one, so it will not contains hybrid (basic and advanced) logs


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