A very simple commandline addon to check which warlock grimoires you may have or not, introduced in this new patch 10.1.5.

I'm not limiting the addon to just warlocks as these quests are accountwide but you can't collect them unless you are a warlock.

Basic command is: /warlockgrimoires <possible option>

Other slash alternatives are: /wargrim /wg

A small help can print the usage: /warlockgrimoires help

It saves some settings like to print all books even if you already have them and if it should print where to obtain the grimoire even if you already have it.

Set "printallon" to always print the grimoires even if you have them or "printalloff" if you dont.

Set "completedon" or "completedoff" if you wish it to always print out where to obtain the grimoires, though it may make the chat window cluttered.


Added a search command and a shorter alternative slash: /wg [imp|voidlord|felhunter|sayaad|infernal|felguard]

So only listing imp grimoires: /wg imp


Im hoping Blizzard will expand on the grimoires and then I will add more when they do.