Warfront Rare Tracker

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.5


Sep 7, 2018

Owner: StevenSeegal


This add-on allows you to keep track of your kills, loot of the Rare's and Warfront status in multiple Warfronts.

It has both a mini-map icon and broker integration.

It checks your kills on their quest ID now so it's automatically checking which one you've killed already and also resets once they're available again. It's also only loading the rare's regarding to your players faction. When TomTom is installed it exports the rare's coordinates to TomTom when clicked on the rare in the menu.


Warning: If you're using the Zygor's Guide addon, Rare Icons are not displayed on the Worldmap and Minimap. I've already tried to resolve this issue, came close but suffered huge memory spikes, but I'm going to give it another try in a few weeks.

All other part do work. To add a TomTom waypoint, you can click on the rare in the menu while mousing over the Minimap Icon.


Release 0.9.9 has a Party Announcer implemented to broadcast to which Rare you're heading to. See the Changelog for more info.


Note about release 0.9.8:

I've implemented a Warfront "Time travel" Phase detector which is set enabled by default.
With this option enabled, Icons only show on the World and Minimap when in the correct Phase.
When you talk to a "Time Traveler NPC" in the area to return to the past the Icons will disappear.
Talk again to go to the present time enables the Icons again.
This feature overrules "Show Only at Level 120" as low level characters always are in the 'past' phase of the zone, so no Icons will be shown.

So if you're missing Icons, it's because of this feature. If you still want the Icons to be available all the time or on a low level character you can turn it off in the options windows under the Master Filter or the "Worldmap Icons" section. The option to hide for 120 is still in in case anyone wants to use it but the options is disabled once the Phase Detector is active.




Extra features of version 0.9.x:

  • New option: "Keep Warfront Selection Menu Open" in the "Menu" Section of the options screen to allow the selection menu to stay open open for a faster Warfront change.
    Your chosen Warfront will be highlighted in a light cyan color.
  • New Filter option: "Always Show Worldboss" to allow the worldboss to be seen even if it doens't drop loot. With this option enabled the Icon only hides when you have defeated him.
  • You can now "Shift-Click" the Minimap/Broker Icon to cycle through the Warfronts
  • Added a shared "Master Filter" which can be used in multiple features. They can be overridden on each feature that has a "Filter".
  • Completely overhauled the "Framework" to support the multiple Warfronts and multiple loot per Rare.
  • Added more information about the selected Warfront in the broker text (only visible when using a broker handler). Please take a look at the config window for more info about the different options to display.


Broker / Minimap icon displays which Faction is in control of the selected Warfront:

 For the Alliance and   for the Horde.

New Warfront Status Mode in Broker text:

full explanation is found in the config window!


The mini map and/or broker menu looks like this:

The Warfront Status can also be integrated in the main menu as seen with the Minimap Menu:


The Worldmap:

 Icon color: Purple have over 1M HP, Blue have over 100K HP, Grey are Goliaths and Red for Rare's only active when your faction controls the Warfront.


Improved options window (found in the interface menu, right-click the mini map/broker icon or use command /warfront)


Unit frame on mouse over a rare:




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