Last Updated: Jul 12, 2015 Game Version: 6.2.0


May 10, 2015

Owner: Affje

This addon is responsible for writing out the necessary information so the WarcraftTools WIndows Client can read them.

The main featrures of this addon are: - Upon logout, all the garrison mission informationen are written. - Upon logout, the current gold amount is written.

The WarcraftTools Windows Client can than be used, to show detailed information about the written data.

Features of the client:

  • Modern UI
  • Automatic program updates
  • An overview of all your Garrison Missions
  • A list of how much work orders your characters can start
  • A search function for the auction house
  • A graph showing the gold per character
  • Currency tracking
  • Reputations overview

Visit my homepage to download the Client: http://www.sascha-simon.com/WarcraftTools/publish.htm

Note: Without the windows client, this addon is useless!


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