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ViksUI is a fully functional UI replacement for WOW with many extra features that are not included in the standard UI. 


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Almost everything can easy be changed ingame. Panels and borders can be changed color on, or turn off.

ViksUI is NOT a "addon collection", but a standalone UI replacement.

Themes layout

*There is a few different Themes that can be selected




 This UI is tweaked for 1920x1080. 

This UI started along time ago, and was just shared with friends at start. Much of this UI have found code and inspiration from different UI like Quilight UI, ShestakUI, TukUI, DuffedUI and ElvUI. So credit goes to all of these UI.

The UI is based on my likings so it will not change alot, but i try to add options to change most. Like turning off panels, change colors and fonts.




Discord can be found here: Discord
Github can be found here: GitHub

Link to project on wowinterface

Should also install:

Curse require that other addons are downloaded separately

None of them is required.

Some things included in ViksUI:

  • Addon Skins - DBM, Pallypower,Skada,Recount,Omen,Quartz,Bigwigs,DXE,ExtraButton
  • Announcements options - Enemy Drinking, Interupts, Casting, Lightwell, Toys, Thanks, Pull Count, Using Flask, Announce Feasts/Souls/Repair +
  • Auras/Buffs/Debuffs options - Full customizing, can cancel by rightclick, track who cast buff+
  • Automation options - Auto Equip Chef's Hat/Safari Hat, Set role, Sell grey, Autorepair+
  • Bag options - customize size, search, sort and Stacking (Right click on X button for menu)
  • Combat text - xCT integrated into UI.
  • Cooldown Flash - Flash icon when Spell is ready after use.
  • Enemy cooldowns - Track enemys cd in BG or arena.
  • Error options - Filters away some error messages.
  • Datatext - Arena, Armor, Avoidance, Bags, Battleground, Crit, Durability, Friends, Gold, Guild, Haste, Hit, location, Mastery, Power, Regen, System (Fps, Ms & MB), Talent, Time
  • Loot and Roll Frames - Custom frames with automation options like AutoGreed/Disenchant Green items.
  • Top Panel / Info Frame - Mouseover panel with main stats and buttons for toggle helm/cloak
  • Map options - Turn off fog, % explored and % quest done in zone+
  • Raid cooldowns - Tracks raid players CD. Left click to announce and right click to remove.
  • Pulse cooldowns - Pulsate spell icon when cd is over.
  • Buffs reminder - Buff reminders for solo and raid
  • Stats options - Different stats options. Still under work
  • raidframes - oUF raid frames with dynamic size based on raid size
  • unitframes - oUF unitframes with most needed information and good overview.
  • nameplate - Fully customizable nameplate with castbar. Built inn "healer has to die" for pvp
  • minimap - Custom minimap with quick menu (yellow icon) and right click menu.
  • tooltip - Custom tooltip with extended information like iLvl and tallentspec
  • XPBar - Custom XP bar with extended information detail.
  • Miscellaneous - Alot of small tweaks like gem counter, markbar+ Realy to much to write
  • Chat - Fully adapted and tweaked chat.
  • World Boss kill tracker - Track what world bosses your char have killed this week when mouseover the clock under minimap.
  • Skins - Skinning of Blizzard frames and many other. NB! Keep using the Addon skins over this!
  • Quest automation: Gossip Skip, Auto Accept, Turnins. Shift Click to override.
  • Mage Portals: Left click for Teleport, Right Click for Portal.
  • Raid Utility: Left Click for Menu, Right Click for Ready Check, Middle click for Rolecheck.
  • Aligment Grid: /align
  • One click DE/Milling/Prospecting by holding Alt button in and click on item.
  • Shift+Righclick on item on AH for direct Buyout
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift + Mouse click on target/raid frame to set/clear focus.

Inspiration for few things gathered from:

  • Qulight UI for the addon pack thats inspired from Tukz again.
  • oUF_Karma MOP inspired the Font, Rest/Combat icon.
  • Tukz for different spec bars in MOP
  • Shestak UI


  • Delete/backup your current UI. (Updating to v5, then you should fully delete ViksUI folders due to big changes to files, also removed alot unused media files)
  • Copy all from archive to your World of Warcraft folder(Interface\AddOns\).

For first time install pr wow account setup.

  • Just follow the first time installer screen ingame.
  • If missing, type: /installui
Settings pr character:
  • To select correct Bartender profile type: /vbt


Not installed correctly and/or had it previously installed.

  • Type: /installui
  • Type: /settings all


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