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This addon will alert you when a rare spawn is nearby.

I couldn't find a classic version of NPCscan, so I expanded on the existing "unitscan" to mimic it's behavior.

This works for hardcore too! And as far as I know it is not against the rules.


I do not claim any ownership of unitscan or NPCscan.


Note - The list of rares/locations originally came from Classic Wowhead, and it is not perfect. Some rares may be missing, and some "rares" may be listed by mistake. As such, you can add/remove from the list via /unitscan name. Happy hunting!



/unitscan lists the active scan targets (entered by the player).
/unitscan name adds/removes name to/from the scan targets.

/unitscan rares lists all rare spawns and their locations.

/unitscan nearby lists the rare spawns in the same zone as the player.