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Ukungu is swahili and means mist/fog/haze.

It is the all in one toolkit for Mistweaver Monks.


Bring up the options by typing /ukungu. All options are per Character and not per Account.

Call to Arms tracker

Prints a red message if call to arms is active for Normal and Heroics, if not already in an instance and not already queued for a dungeon. Defaults to your current role and filters by that.

Call to Arms tracker can be disabled in the options and also the filtering by role can be disabled in the options.

Why a CTA tracker? Because you average 5k gold for 15-20 minutes (satchel + runes).

Warnings in chat when in instance

Can be disabled in the options.

  • Low on mana (30% mana)
  • Out of mana (10% mana)
  • Near death (25% hp)
  • Dead
  • Has aggro

Track Buffs

Can be enabled in the options.

  • Shows a moveable Manatea icon when 15 or more stacks.

Upcoming Features

  • Track Celestials