UberInventory Reborn is an inventory & storage tracking addon derived from the original work of fmeus. I have received permission from the original author to continue the work as a new project.

UberInventory Reborn keeps track of where you have your items stored as well as how much gold you own. It will track your inventory, bank, guild bank and void storage for all of your characters. It will also track the amount of currency attached to mail that you haven't collected yet as well as showing a full mailbox status (mailbox must be visited). 

The information that has been collected can be viewed at any time by simply typing /UBI to bring up the main dialog. Searching can be done quickly from anywhere in the game world via the UI or from the command line. If guild members also have UberInventory Reborn installed, you will receive the latest information of what is stored in the guild bank should they visit it. 

Items that are not usable by the current character are marked red, similar to the Auction House. This makes it easy to see if items stored on other characters or in guild banks are of any use for your character.

Additionally, vendor prices are added to tooltips. There are also options to auto vendor grey items and to repair your gear.

UberInventory Reborn supports the following slash commands: 

/ubi : open/close UberInventory Reborn dialog
/ubi { help | ? } : show this list of commands
/ubi <string> : search for items within your inventory
/ubi minimap : toggle the minimap icon
/ubi { remchar | remguild } <name-realm> : Remove character or guildbank data (eg, Mychar-Mannoroth)
/ubi resetpos : Reset position of the main UberInventory Reborn frame
/ubi rested: Show your rested experience