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Add Twitch emoticons to your chat!

Simply type out the emote you want in chat and it'll appear in game Kreygasm


Credit to Twemo (RIP) for without that, this would not be here today,

If you click the chat, it'll come up with a menu of most of the available emotes.

In the addon settings (esc > interface > addon tab > TwitchEmotes) you can choose which appear in this list, select none to disable the list. You may also disable the minimap or chat buttons for this addon from this menu.

The full list of twitch emoticons is available within the addon file in a text file named "allemotes.txt"

Step 1. Delete Twemo if you have it previously installed.

Step 2. Download TwitchEmotes

Step 3. Enjoy having more emotes than before.

Adds: Many WoW streamer emotes included in twemo + BetterTwitchTV emotes PLUS

KappaPride KappaRoss valFrog SeemsGood Stormtrooper SeemsGood FeelsBirthdayMan MingLee gachiGASM

bobross (30 emotes)

nl_kripp (6 emotes)

reynad27 (10 emotes)

swifty (15 emotes)

trihard (20 emotes)

forsenlol (5 emotes)

trihex (like 26 or something)

and many more. Even your favourites RareParrot and gachiGASM that may or may not be your favourites.