Twintop's Insanity Bar

124,458 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 18, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.5

Insanity Bar - Not in Voidform

The bar will begin to pulse when you are able to cast Void Eruption to enter Voidform. The green line denotes the amount of Insanity required to enter Voidform.

Insanity Bar - In Voidform

The bar will show different information once you are in Voidform. Seen in this screenshot include: Haste above a threshold (green text), VF stacks, time remaining, current drain rate, passive Insanity from Mindbender and Auspicious Spirits.

Options Panel - Bar Layout and Colors

Bar configuration options related to the bar's position, color, and general behavior.

Options Panel - Bar Text and Colors

Options related to the presentation of text and that text's colors.

Options Panel - Optional Features

Settings related to optional features in the bar, including Auspicious Spirits, Mindbender, the display of summary information, and audio cues.

Configured Bar Text

A more complicated bar text configuration.

Insanity Bar - Heavily Customized Layout

Heavily customized bar layout showing the number of each DoT out on targets and icons for different sources of Insanity.