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Turn In


An add-on that automates the clicking of Quests and NPC Gossip dialogues. Automatically turns in repeatable or regular quests, accepts quests, and selects the appropriate options from NPCs. Never have to talk to an NPC again!


To bring up the Options window, type /ti window. To bring up the Recently Visited NPCs window, type /ti recent.

Turn In keeps an NPC database, to allow you to customize your interactions on a per-NPC basis. Whenever you talk to an NPC, it appears in your Recently Visited NPCs window. From there you can decide if you want to add it to the Database so you can customize his options. Simply click the + button to add the NPC to the DB.

After Adding an NPC, you can check the checkbox next to its name in the NPC list and then rearrange or activate/deactive his options to your liking. If you uncheck the checkbox next to an NPC's name, it will use the default option set. If you want Turn In to specifically take no action for an NPC, simply deactivate all of his options, don't uncheck his checkbox in the NPC list!

When an NPC does not appear in the Database, Turn In uses the default option set to resolve interactions with it. You can customize the default option set by not having an NPC selected in the options window. The Use Default Settings checkbox determines whether talking to NPC not in the Database will use the default options or do nothing at all. The Automatically Add NPCs checkbox will cause all of your new NPC visits to automatically add the NPC to your NPC DB.


/turnin or /ti
basic slash command, shows help message
/turnin on
Turns on the mod, from now on all quests will be automatically chosen and completed. Additionally, any available quests will be accepted, and gossip options will be automatically chosen.
/turnin off
Deactivates the mod
/turnin toggle
Activates or deactivates the mod
/turnin window
Shows the options window
/turnin recent
Shows the recently visited NPCs window