Trite - Minimalistic addon

Last Updated: Jul 3, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.5


Jul 3, 2017

Owner: 22fb1609a7524c959d4ac1c2cbdcc222



Hides and unhides WoW GUI Gryphons.




Hides and Unhides Minimap- buttons.




Toggles scrollable Minimap.




Toggle auto-repair (guildrepair if availible) while talking to Merchant.




Toggle auto-sell (gray-items) while talking to Merchant.


Type the /<commands> of your choice as explained above. You will have to logout if you want it to save your settings.


The default is to hide Gryphons, hide Minimapbuttons, enable Minimapscroll, auto-repair and auto-sell.


Type /trite to show a list of all commands.


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