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Trilliax Scrubber is a simple addon displaying the scrubbers mana on the nameplates and alert you when they reach a threshold of mana.

Important note on the installation :

Take note the dependencies are not included with the addon if you download it from "Install via Curse client" button or simply by the Curse website.

You have two solutions at this issue :

  •  Install manually the following dependencies : PLoop and Scorpio
  •  Or download it from Curse.App because they are automatically installed with the addon.

Thank to check if you have well PLoop and Scorpio in your addon folder before to say doesn't work.




  • Display the mana on each scrubber nameplate.
  • An alert system with a bomb icon when the scrubber reach a certain mana amount

By default, the addon has this behavior :


From 75 mana, a bomb icon will show :

  • An orange icon say the scrubber explosion is soon because he has near 100 mana.
  • A red icon mean the scrubber has 100 mana, so he's currently exploding. Info : If the "Predict mana ..." option is enabled, this behavior is slighly different (see bellow in the option part).


How to setup


The addon is configured by default for someone having no addon of nameplate. If you are not in this case, this is important you're going to the Configuration step : change the size and postionnement of 

ui elements in order to adapt correctly to your ui nameplate.

In the chatbox, type "/tsc" to open the opetions. I advise you to enable the Config Mode while doing your configuration.


Slash Commands 

  • "/tsc"  to open the options 
  • "/tsc config" to toggle the  config mode
  • "/tsc sim" to start the simulation


 The options work but still need some tuning.

"Predict mana..." (default : true)

This options change slighly the behavior of bomb icon. The addon will predict the mana final when a scrubber is casting, this value will be used  by the alert system. Take note the mana text isn't affected by this options, and will always show the current mana amount.

I think an example is necessary :

  • In Heroic mode, a scrubber gains 25 mana at the end of its cast.

Imagine we take one with 75 mana, then start to cast, reach at 100 mana and to finsh, destroys itself.

Below is the behavior of alert system in function if "Predict mana" is enabled or not :


Without Predict mana : 

  • 75 mana : The orange bomb icon is displayed.
  • Scrubber is casting : no change 
  • Scurbber has finished its cast : gain 25 mana and now at 100 so he's starting to destroy itself, the bomb icon become red.
  • Scrubber is destroyed.

With Predict Mana :

  • 75 mana : The orange bomb icon is displayed.
  • Scrubber is casting : The bomb icon become red because the alert system use the predict mana (currently 75 + 25 = 100).
  • Scurbber has finished its cast : the bomb icon is always red.
  • Scrubber is destroyed

 I advise you to let Predict Mana to true,  allows to alert you earlier when a scrubber is near to be destroyed.


Nameplate Supported


The addon should work with all the nameplate addons. In the contrary case, thanks to let a message in the commentary with the name of your addon. 

 Nameplates tested :

  • Blizzard Nameplates
  • Tidyplates
  • ElvUI
  • Plater Nameplate
  • Nephilist Nameplates