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WARNING: This is not an official Tradeskillmaster module

warning what you see here is based off of default settings

TradeSkillMaster_GuildSorter is a TSM Module that brings the ability to sort your guild bank and sort your bags to guild bank based on operation settings for tabs.

How to?

Simply go to operation settings(like a typical TSM module) and create your groups and guilds/tabs to sort then assign those operations to groups.

Click on the buttons on the Guild Bank frame or simply use the following commands.

/TSM SortToGuildBank - Will sort items from bags into bank pertaining to item operation settings.

/TSM SortGuildBank - Sorts all items in guildbank depending on operation settings.

/TSM SortGuildBankTab - Sorts the items in the current guild tab(holding ctrl when click on the interface button will make it reverse sort)


Not sure where this is going in the future depends on feedback.

ideas are:

  • Sort individual tabs(like bankstack) - complete
  • Fix what happens when a tab over flows/too many items and cant fit - complete

Any feedback is appreciated.

Cheer's jf