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Uploaded by Sapu94
Uploaded Nov 21, 2010
Game Version 4.0.3
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  • Changed UIs to use AceGUI
  • Removed mail, split, summary, and tradeskills modules
  • Major code changes to support the TSM API

Branch to _Auctioning v0.1 --


  • Fixed an issue that was causing the post frame to act strangely.
  • Changed the default undercut from 0c to 1c.
  • Changed all the locale files to AceLocale
  • Fixed a bug where posting was getting stuck on some gems.


  • Added tooltips to the icons in the post frame.
  • Changed the default values for fallback / threshold to avoid errors.
  • The summary window should now work correctly in all languages.
  • Fixed a bug where having multiple itemIDs of the same gem in your bag was causing problems when posting.
  • "Nothing to cancel" will be added to the chat frame and log when there is nothing to cancel.
  • Moved the "APM" button on the tradeskill frames so it doesn't conflict with other addons (hopefully).
  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Doubled the width of the "Group Name" box to make it easier to enter longer names.
  • Added a small API for accessing the craft queue as well as one for emptying it.
  • Added a text message if you don't have anything to send and use the auto-send mail feature.
  • Fixed an issue where gems were not being correctly counted from the player's inventory.


  • Implemented a better fix for posting / canceling of gems as well.
  • The summary window should now add the correct items to the craft queue.


  • Took out some bad code / fixed a few bugs.


  • More bug fixes having to do with gems and posting / canceling.


  • Finally fixed the issue with canceling / posting of gems.


  • Made improvements to the undercutting code to hopefully prevent players from undercutting themselves (especially on gems).


  • APM will now more accurately tell you when auctions have finished cancelling.
  • Fixed some bugs with the summary window / craft queue.
  • Put the double-clicking to enter custom quantity feature back into the summary window.
  • Fixed a bug where some auctions were occasionally being ignored when undercutting / posting.
  • Double clicking on an item in the summary window will now increment / decrement by 5 at a time.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing an lua error when using the "Post Auction" button.
  • The "Post Auction X / Y" should now have more accurate and stable values for X and Y.
  • Added an option for using the "Per Auction" as a cap. If you don't have enough of an item it will post what you have.
  • Removed some unused options.
  • Hopefully fixed the itemID issue with the summary window / craft queue. This issue will gradually disappear as the old gems are used up.
  • The buttons on the auction house window should now correctly re-enable when a summary scan completes.


  • Took out some debugging code that was spamming the chat log with "update". SORRY!


  • Completely replaced the "Post Auction" button to be more useful.
  • Fixed a bug in the TOC that was causing the addon not to load for some people.
  • Few minor bug fixes.


  • Buttons should now unlock properly after a cancel scan where nothing was canceled.
  • Few minor bug fixes.


  • The same item should no longer show up multiple times in the summary window.
  • Fix for the issues caused by gems having multiple itemIDs.
  • Fixed the issued where the numbers over the "status" button were not correct.
  • The "Post Auction" button will now show information similar to the "Cancel Auction" button.
  • The auto-mail features is now started using a button on the 'Send Mail' tab of the mail frame. This was unavoidable due to a change in the latest patch.
  • Glyph of Arcane Brilliance should now behave correctly in the craft queue.
  • APM should no long cancel the wrong items after running a cancel scan if something changed in the AH during the scan.


  • Fixed bindings for Post and Cancel


  • Named the post and Cancel scan start buttons so they can be macro'd.
  • Increased the maximum number of an item you can post from 50 to 500.
  • You can now set the keybindings for Post/Cancel/Post Auction/Cancel Auction buttons in the game's keybinding settings.
  • Many other bug fixes and minor improvements.


  • Fixed the positioning of the "APM"/"Buy" buttons on the tradeskill window.
  • Added the "Potions" category to the summary window.
  • Items should no longer show up more than once in the summary window.
  • Fixed a bug caused by using a macro to click the cancel button after the cancel scan is complete.


  • Scans should no longer get stuck on some items.


  • Wait until the log says "Finished cancelling X auctions." before closing the AH!
  • Added a small delay to the "Cancel X / Y" button to help with the above issue.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing any key presses while the summary window was open.
  • Many other small changes and bug fixes.


  • More minor fixes and tweaks.
  • Attempted to make the post button more reliable.


  • Fixed a bug with the posting button being permanently greyed out.
  • You can now post while scanning instead of having to wait till the end.
  • APM should no longer run try and cancel immediately after posting.
  • Many other minor bug fixes and improvements!


  • Many more bug fixes and improvements.
  • Canceling should now work far better.
  • Fixed some issues with auto-looting mail.
  • Fixed an issue with itemLinks
  • There should be less random log text floating around.


  • Fixed the numbers that show up ontop of the buttons when canceling / posting.
  • Fixed the GetSafeLink function to work with the new itemString values in 4.0.1.


  • Implemented a button for canceling.
  • Improved the posting code.


  • Implemented a button in hopes of fixing the hardware event requirement for posting.
  • The following script can be used in a macro in place of clicking the button: /click AuctionProfitMasterPostButton


  • First release version of Auction Profit Master
  • This addon is formerly Quick Auctions 3; now with a new author (Sapu94).
  • Thank you to Shadowed for all his amazing work with Quick Auctions.

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