World of Warcraft Classic Tracking Plugin

Replaces the minimap tracking icon with a button that can be used to switch the current tracking type. Clicking the button will display a context menu with all tracking options available to the current character. Right clicking the button will cancel tracking.

Also adds a target selection menu to minimap blips. Right clicking a blip will offer a menu to allow you to select a target by name and target them.

By default the button is locked to the default tracking icon location.




Toggle the position lock on and off.


/te scale 1.13

Set the scale of the minimap button to 1.13 (default)


Target Menu

You can select targets from the minimap by right clicking a tracking blip on the minimap and choosing your target from the context menu. However this will only work when out of combat. This is due to restrictions within the addon/macro system which block many actions in combat.


Supported Tracking Types

  • Track Beasts
  • Track Humanoids
  • Track Undead
  • Track Hidden
  • Track Elementals
  • Track Demons
  • Track Giants
  • Track Dragonkin
  • Sense Demons
  • Sense Undead
  • Find Herbs
  • Find Minerals
  • Find Treasure