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Track-O-Matic allows you to track various types of information on the game screen, without having to navigate through a bunch of different UI panels.


Allows you to track:

  • Your reputation with any known faction (including guild) (+ rep earned per hour, time until next level/exalted)
  • Your skill in professions
  • How many of any item you're currently carrying in your bags (with a user-defined maximum, or "goal", for each item)
  • How much of a currency you possess (w/user-defined maximums)
  • Your progress in various achievements
  • Your guild's progress in various achievements
  • Character's experience, estimated kills to level up, and estimated quests to level up
  • Your character's gold (+ earned or lost in the current session)
  • Your character's equipped items' durability (total percentage, each item's durability, and if any items are broken or low on durability)
  • Honor level and progress toward next honor level

In addition to providing basic information on the bars, each bar also has tooltips with relevant detailed information. In particular, various reputation bars will give detailed information related to the faction they display:

  • Most reputation tooltips will display how many mobs you need to kill and/or how many quest/item turnins need to be completed to reach the next reputation level (and, in most cases, give an additional reading for how much to reach exalted)