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Toy Box Enhanced extends the default Toy Box with more filters and functions.


  • Filter toys by Effect, Source, Faction and Expansion
  • Show toys, which are normally hidden by the game
  • Search also in toy description (like search for "post" and find [Katy's Stampwhistle] ;)
  • Sort toys by name or expansion (or in reverse)
  • Save filter options
  • Hide unusable or unwanted toys
  • Displays the number of usable toys
  • Displays toy collection related achievement points
  • Browse through pages with arrow keys
  • Use a random favored toy
  • Favor all filtered toys at once or unset them all
  • Save favorites per character

Known Limitations

For technical reasons it's not possible to use some enhanced features during combat.

Help wanted

  • Have you found any bug or do you have some suggestions? Please let us know in the issue tracker on Curseforge or GitHub.
  • Is your language still missing some texts? You can localize the addon into your language on Curseforge.
  • Want to try out some cool new stuff earlier than everybody else? Just switch to the Beta-Channel in your Addon Updater and let us know of anything you might find in our issue tracker. After a few days without bugs the same version goes stable for everybody else.
  • Are you interested in developing addons as well? Then come join us at GitHub. And don't worry about knowing nothing of LUA. It's easy to learn. ;-)