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Fixing corrupted files due to patch 5.4

You have downloaded the latest version of Total RP (1.020) but your files has been corrupted? Here's how you can fix them, without loosing anything


The bug

Patch 5.4 changed the way sliders work in its API, making a lot of addons using sliders buggy. If you tried to create an item or an aura with a version older than 1.020, you may have a corruption in your files. It looks like this :

I will try to make the next version clean itself from this corruption, but in the meantime, I've developed a little app, Total RP Reparator, to open your corrupted files (totalRP2_Auras.lua and totalRP2_Creation.lua) and automatically fix any incorrect value found. I chose to develop this app in Java so it runs on Windows and Mac OS, so you will need Java to install it (


If the game is running, your corrupted files has already been loaded to the RAM, and using the app will fix your files, but when you will quit WoW, it will copy the corrupted files it has in RAM on your drive, erasing the fixed files !

Download the app

You can download Total RP Reparator here.
French version here.

How to use Total RP Reparator

It searches for the WoW folder. It should find it automatically, however, if it doesn't or if you want to repair an other installation, you can choose manually your folder. Once it has found the folder, if you have multiple user accounts, it will ask you which one to repair. Then you just have to click Repair. It will open the files totalRP2_Auras.lua and totalRP2_Creation.lua in the folder World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/YOUR_ACCOUNT/SavedVariables/ and find all incorrect values and correct it. If all gone well, next time you logon, you will have all your objects and auras cleaned.

I've used Total RP Reparator and I still have corrupted files.

You can send me your files here, so I can take a look at it and find what could not be fixed, and maybe update my app so it helps people with the same issue. The files I need are all the files with a name starting with totalRP2_.... located in your World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME/SavedVariables (there should be 13 .lua files and 13 .lua.bak files, I actually only need the .lua ones).


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