Total RP 3

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Uploaded Oct 29, 2016
Game Version 7.1.0
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Improved map scanning feature

We have fixed the issues brought by patch 7.1 with the map markers. In order to improve compatibility with other add-ons that might display additionnal informations on the map, the map button for starting scans has been removed and you can now find the scanning options inside the default filters button in the top right corner of the map.

You can now start scans using the map filters button

Improved broadcast protocol

We have updated our broadcast protocol to use methods that consume less bandwidth. The other advantage is that these methods are available to trial accounts, meaning now users playing on a trial account will be able to query people for their location on the map and receive sounds from Total RP 3: Extended items!

We have also added additionnal protections and monitoring against people trying to prevent you from joining the broadcast channel xtensionxtooltip2 by adding a password to the channel.

Other improvements

  • Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.2 that was making the profiles importer tab not being displayed correctly. Thanks to Gordon8 and Gelaga for reporting this issue!
  • Total RP 3: Extended has been added to the list of optional modules in the More modules tab of the dashboard.
  • The only place to see your mounts "At first glance" is on the profile page. We are thinking of a better way to show it, for example on the target frame.
  • The tutorial frame for Register is buggy when resizing.