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New in version 1.2.2

This version fixes a massive performance issue with data transfer that impact TRP since 1.1.0. It should be growing faster the more people update their TRP3 to this version. So spread the word!

New in version 1.2.1

Dice rolls

The dice rolls from TRP2 are back! Use the command /trp3 roll to roll a 1d100 dice. You can also roll several dices at once by indicating the count and type of dices. Any roll you make is shared with your party/raid/target if they have TRP3 1.2.1.

/trp3 roll 1d6
/trp3 roll 2d20 1d12

  • The only place to see your mounts "At first glance" is on the profile page. We are thinking of a better way to show it, for example on the target frame.
  • The tutorial frame for Register is buggy when resizing.