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Uploaded by BN_Kaji
Uploaded Jul 19, 2016
Game Version 7.0.3
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We left some debug on... Oups.

Change-log 1.1.3

This version fixes a lot of issues introduced with patch 7.0.

Change-log 1.1.2

Update alert exploit fix

When a new update for TRP3 is available:

  • Your add-on will wait to receive a notification from at least 15 different players before alerting you.
  • The alert is now displayed in the TRP3 main frame, and not in the form of a modal popup anymore.

Change-log 1.1.1


  • Fixed a bug with the new communication system.
  • New option to change the scan button position on the map.

Change-log 1.1.0

New communication system

This version brings a new TRP3 to TRP3 communication system needed for Total RP 3: Extended and Legion that is more powerful and will improve the exchange of large amount of data.

This communication system is not compatible with previous versions of Total RP 3, so don't panic if you don't receive any profile from previous version, just tell other people to update. If they stay with an older version they will be isolated from the rest of the Total RP community.

Note: Our Mary Sue Protocol implementation is not affected by this.


We have added a bunch of new options to the tooltips settings (all of them are off by default, you will have to turn them on (like those Goldshire campers do, if you know what I mean…)).

You can now:

  • Hide custom RP tooltips when you are out of character.
  • Disable custom colors in the tooltips, if you find them distracting.
  • Dynamically increase the color contrast ratio for the text in the tooltips. Enable this option to allow Total RP 3 to modify the custom colors defined by other players to make the text more readable if the color is too dark.

Other improvements

  • Added a slash command to reload the add-on with empty data.
  • Various bug fixes.

Removed features

We had to remove the toolbar buttons for showing and hiding your helmet and your cloak as Blizzard removed this feature in Legion. The API functions used by Total RP 3 are no longer present in the game, you will now have to go to a transmog NPC to hide your helmet or your cloak.

  • The only place to see your mounts "At first glance" is on the profile page. We are thinking of a better way to show it, for example on the target frame.
  • The tutorial frame for Register is buggy when resizing.