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Uploaded Dec 15, 2014
Game Version 6.0.3
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New features

  • New minimap button. We are now using LibDataBroker for our minimap icon. The icon is displayed on the minimap using LibDBIcon. If you are using a DataBroker add-on like Titan Panel or Bazooka, you can decide to have the minimap button up there. You can then use the new option to hide the minimap button from the actual minimap.

  • New DataBroker plugins. Total RP 3 now has a DataBroker module (that you can disable if you so desire) that provides several plugins to DataBroker add-ons (like Titan Panel or Bazooka). For now, the buttons from the toolbar are available (show/hide your cloak, show/hide your helmet, switch between AFK/DND or available, switch between In Character and Out Of Character, and switch to another profile). More plugins will be added as we add functions to Total RP 3.
    DataBroker Plugins

  • New option to hide the toolbar on login. If you are using the DataBroker plugins, you may want to hide the toolbar forever. Close the toolbar by right-clicking Total RP 3’s minimap button, then disable the “Show toolbar on login” option and it will never appear again. As suggested by Tiffy961

  • New options when creating a personal trait. You can now choose between a pre-defined traits and creating a custom one. For now, the pre-defined traits are house name, nickname and motto (as implemented in the Mary Sue Protocol) and physiognomy, piercings and tattoos (borrowed from Total RP 2).

  • Added a new option for the emote detection to use both * * and < > to detect and color emotes in messages.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the tooltip for pandaren characters without a faction yet. Reported by Alicekaye.
  • Fixed the issue generating “<Name-Realm> not currently playing” messages. The issue came from pet from the other faction, where Total RP 3 was sending request to their master even if they were from the other faction. Reported by Ranor.


  • Spanish localization. Thanks to the great folks from Wiki Errantes for their help.
  • You can't link a companion profile to a mount yet.
  • An issue with the Databroker module randomly hide the cloak. If you are not using the Databroker module, you can safely disable it in the modules settings.