Total RP 3

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Uploaded by BN_Kaji
Uploaded Oct 27, 2014
Game Version 6.0.3
Size 393.69 KB
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MD5 f01c8269e601536ab8c37da257c9ebb6
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Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue when using Total RP 3 with a character for the first time when a profile for that character already exists (i.e. when importing previous profiles from Total RP 2).
  • Fixed an issue with color tags in the character's tooltip.
  • Fixed issues with some character realm name.

New features / Improvements

  • New importation options. You can now import profiles from MyRolePlay, XRP, flagRSP2 and flagRSP(MoP), in addition to Total RP 2 (and yes, even all of them, at the same time!). Notice : those add-ons have to be activated in order for Total RP 3 to get their information.
  • You can now drag and drop "At first glance" slots to reorder them.
  • Added a lot of tutorials tooltips to several part of the add-on.
  • Added new bindings options. You can now configure keystrokes to toggle the main frame and the toolbar.
  • Added slash commands. Type /trp3 for more information.
  • Enhanced loading sequence. Error during loading should be more understandable for better error reporting.
  • Several minor improvements and stability enhancement.
  • You can't link a companion profile to a mount yet.
  • Only in English, even if the settings allows to choose French or Chinese.