Total RP 3

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Uploaded by BN_Kaji
Uploaded Oct 14, 2014
Game Version 6.0.2
Size 364.10 KB
Downloads 5,331
MD5 819ea01f39cf1690d14fe6873ed314fa
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Bug fixes

  • Fixed the case where the message "No player named ... is connected." appears.
  • Fixed an issue with the character tooltip.
  • Fixed several issues introduced by 6.0.2.
  • Fixed a chat issue with the % character.
  • Fixed chat issues with some emotes not starting with the player's name.
  • Fixed layout issue with the companion description frame.
  • Fixed a lua error when using the tabulation key to switch between fields.

New features / Improvements

  • New button for the toolbar: Switching profile.
  • Adding sorting options for the directory (names and relations).
  • Adding new Miscellaneous section, with In-character currently and Out-of-character information.
  • TRP3 will automatically disable the whispers handling when used with WIM.
  • Profile importation from Total RP 2 (MRP and XRP importation is coming). Total RP 2 must be running.
  • Color and icon text tags are usable in the about templates 2 and 3.
  • Several UI and stability improvements.
  • You can't link a companion profile to a mount yet.
  • You can't link a companion profile to a battle pet who hasn't been renamed.
  • Only in English, even if the settings allows to choose French or Chinese.