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Uploaded by BN_Kaji
Uploaded Sep 30, 2014
Game Version 5.4.8
Size 358.21 KB
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MD5 651fbf68ff2f4de33b7f6116cd38ed4b
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First public alpha release. It contains a lot of features about characters and pets customization.

  • TRP3 main features (Toolbar, target bar ...)
  • Profiles system
  • Characters customization
  • Companions customization
  • Chat features
  • MSP compatibility (TRP2 / MRP / XRP)
  • You can't link a companion profile to a mount yet.
  • You can't link a companion profile to a battle pet who hasn't been renamed.
  • Using tab to switch from one field to another can cause a lua error.
  • Only in English, even if the settings allows to choose French or Chinese.