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Uploaded Dec 15, 2022
Game Version 10.0.2   +3
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Changelog version 2.4.3


  • Added a setting to customize date formats displayed in the directory. (Thanks to Kisis for the initial work on it)
    • The default format now respects regional formats based on current game client.
    • Total RP 3: Extended will be updated to support this at a later date.


  • Fixed tooltipData error showing since 10.0.2.
  • Fixed map scan not working on WotLK Classic.
  • Fixed potential taint issues leading to blocked actions.

Changelog version 2.4.2


  • Fixed missing dracthyr default profile icon.
  • Fixed companion profiles not working properly on the second pet from Animal Companion talent.
  • Fixed companion profiles on water elementals in WotLK Classic (for real this time).
  • Fixed broadcast channel order setting being checked before configuration was set up.
  • Fixed an issue with chat links that could lead to blocked actions.

Changelog version 2.4.1


  • Added support for Retail 10.0.2.
  • Added 5 icons, 68 images and 218 musics from patch 10.0.2 and before.
  • Added the ability to right-click a pin after a map scan to open someone's profile.


  • Fixed the "Hide immediately instead of fading" tooltip setting.
  • Fixed another issue with water elemental pets not being valid targets to bind a companion profile to in WotLK Classic
  • Fixed an issue with colorblind mode preventing companion tooltips from displaying.

Changelog version 2.4


  • Added support for Retail 10.0.0.
  • Added 2246 icons from patch 10.0.0.
  • Added 2 new command lines for use in macros:
    • /trp3 set: Allows you to set a profile field to a given value.

- /trp3 location: Allows you to control whether or not you appear on the map scan. - Added macro conditionals for the 2 aforementioned command lines: - [ic], [ooc], [rpstatus:{status}] - IC/OOC status - [loc:{location name}], [location:{location name}] - Current location - [profile:{profile name}] - Current profile name - Regular macro conditionals are also supported


  • Fixed an issue with the color picker not working in WotLK Classic.
  • Fixed an issue with water elemental pets not being valid targets to bind a companion profile to in WotLK Classic.
  • More tooltip cleanup.


  • Removed temporarily right-click menu options in Retail due to a conflict with Edit Mode that can prevent the use of abilities in combat. They will be re-added once the conflict has been resolved.

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