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Uploaded Sep 17, 2022
Game Version 9.2.7   +3
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Changelog version 2.3.13


  • Fixed missing death knight icons on Classic WotLK.
  • Fixed some more profile modifications.

Changelog version 2.3.12

Classic users: Companion profiles may have to be relinked due to API changes.


  • Added settings to change the colors you see for other players' tooltips.
  • Added 5 new music files from patch 9.2.7, as well as data for WotLK Classic.
  • Added macro conditionals support for the "/trp3 profile" command.
  • Added a tooltip to view settings texts in full even if they are too long.
  • Added Evoker class color preset to the color picker.


  • Fixed an issue with tooltip color rendering when using some Unicode characters.
  • Fixed inconsistent linebreaks in Template 1.
  • Removed some unwanted modifications in profiles.
  • Fixed a potential crash when reordering miscellaneous information lines.
  • Added a delay before joining the broadcast channel to reduce issues with chat channels swapping numbers/colors.
  • Fixed dead links in "About Total RP 3".

Changelog version 2.3.11

With the recent changes of patch 9.2.5, profiles can now be seen cross-faction for players in your party, or with whom you share a cross-faction WoW community.


  • Added 3 icons and 4 music files from patch 9.2.5.
  • Surrounding link tags with color tags will now apply the color to the link.


  • Fixed the target frame not having the proper skin when using ElvUI.

Changelog version 2.3.10


  • Added 438 icons, 133 music files and 10 images from patch 9.2.0, 2 icons from Burning Crusade Classic and 3 icons from Classic Era.

Changelog version 2.3.9


  • Added 32 icons and 7 music files from patch 9.1.5, 21 icons from Burning Crusade Classic and 2 icons from Classic Era.


  • Fixed an issue with the character scan tooltips not showing since patch 9.1.5.

Changelog version 2.3.8


  • Fixed tooltip issues for patch 9.1.5.

Changelog version 2.3.7

This version is updated for TBC Classic 2.5.2.


  • 9.1 icons and musics have been properly added for retail.
  • Fixed an issue with TRP3: Extended creation exchange failing in very specific cases.

Changelog version 2.3.6


  • Added 323 new icons, 7 images and 138 new music files from patch 9.1.0.


  • Removed the roleplay language flag.
  • Fixed a bug with chat channels on Classic.

Changelog version 2.3.5


  • Added support for Burning Crusade Classic.


  • Fixed several performance issues when requesting character profiles.

Changelog version 2.3.4


  • Fixed an issue with links in brackets displaying incorrectly in chat while using ElvUI.

Changelog version 2.3.3


  • Added tooltip fields for character zone and health. These fields can be toggled in Tooltip settings.
    • The zone field will only show when the character is in another zone (if looking at a party member for instance).
    • The health field will only show if the character is not full health. It is disabled by default.


  • Fixed a few issues with profile transfer.
  • Fixed Kui name-only RP nameplates not updating when level text and health were both disabled.
  • Fixed inability to set a pet profile when the pet is first summoned.
  • Fixed TRP tooltip overlapping with the main tooltip if the profile has been caught by the mature filter.
  • Fixed TRP chat links breaking from emote/OOC/speech detection.
  • Fixed Currently/OOC fields not properly hiding on tooltips if they only contained whitespaces.

Changelog version 2.3.2


  • Added settings for right-click options on unit frames and chat names.


  • Fixed incorrect names showing up on Blizzard NPC nameplates.
  • Fixed display issue with KuiNameplates tank mode.
  • Fixed a dependency issue preventing chat customization from working when using Prat and Listener.
  • Fixed localization not being properly applied to various settings.

Changelog version 2.3


  • Added a module to customize nameplates with RP information. At present, only default Blizzard nameplates and KuiNameplates are supported.

As it is now redundant, the TRP3: KuiNameplates module will now disable itself and should be uninstalled.

  • Added support for companion profiles in Classic.
  • Added entries on unit frames right-click menu to open profile + change roleplay status.
  • Added a window to copy character names linked to a profile when right-clicking it in the directory list.
  • Added an option to disable profile tooltips in instances.


  • The URL copy window now closes after pressing the copy shortcut.
  • The default profile no longer shows the amount of characters bound to it.
  • Cropped characteristic fields will now show a tooltip on hover with the full content of the field.
  • The description editor will now receive input focus after clicking any formatting tool button.
  • Customized names in chat frames that have excessively large lengths will now be cropped.
  • Custom colors for personality traits now apply to attribute names.


  • Fixed an issue with chat customization not properly registering on login while using Prat.
  • Fixed missing sound cue when opening/closing the main window.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause PvP flagged players to show their location on map scans in Classic.
  • Fixed missing vulpera language icon.

Changelog version 2.2


  • Added Pronouns preset in Additional information. When using this preset, the pronouns will be shown on your tooltip.
  • Added support for companion profiles on the secondary pet summoned with the hunter talent Animal Companion.
  • Added a hunter pet browser when binding a companion profile through the profile list.


  • Fixed chat link tooltips being invisible when first opening one.
  • Fixed formatting issues with chat links.
  • Fixed an issue causing the battle pet browser to show an incomplete list if the battle pet collection had search filters applied.
  • Fixed invalid icons in the About tab when receiving a profile from other RP addons on Classic.
  • Fixed incorrect information on the tooltip of the NPC speech prefix setting.
  • Fixed an issue with Tukui chat history.

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