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Uploaded Dec 12, 2019
Game Version 8.2.5
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Changelog version 1.6.8


  • Classic: Due to 1.13.3 API changes, the map scan has been modified to find characters in yell range only. It will only show on the map you're in. Only characters using Total RP 3 version 1.6.8 will be visible on the scan.

Reminder : You can disable your scan appearance by unchecking "Register settings > Location settings > Enable character location. Please don't hold on the update for visibility reasons.

  • Speech detection will now only apply to emotes (including NPC emotes).


  • Fixed a rare issue where the addon loading process would be interrupted by a setting key unable to be read.

Changelog version


  • Fixed an issue with profiles not transmitting through since 8.2.5 release. (Thanks for the useless wrapper, Blizzard.)


  • Updated logo artist credit (Kelandiir).

Changelog version 1.6.7


  • Added a setting to detect speech in emotes and automatically color it. Speech detection
  • Added 7 icons and 1 music from patch 8.2.5.


  • The companion profiles list accessed through the target frame is now alphabetically sorted, and "Create new profile" has been moved out of it.

Changelog version 1.6.6


  • Added slash commands to change your roleplay status, which you can use in macros. You can now use /trp3 status ic to get in character, /trp3 status ooc to get out of character, or /trp3 status toggle to switch status.
  • Added a chat setting to display the OOC indicator next to the name in chat.
  • Added a setting to hide the map scan button if no scan is available.
  • Added a roleplay language field to the main dashboard.
    • This setting is profile-based, defaults to your addon language, and allows you to indicate the language you're roleplaying in.
    • If your addon language doesn't match a player's roleplaying language, you'll see a flag at the bottom of their tooltip indicating their roleplaying language.
    • This change is mainly aimed at Classic roleplayers, as only English RP realms were made.
  • Added back buttons to toggle helmet and cloak display for Classic.


  • Renamed the war mode setting to PvP mode for Classic.


  • Fixed issues when the target bar module was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue causing duplicate Mary-Sue Protocol profiles to appear in the register when unchecking "This realm only".
  • Fixed a few remaining missing icons for Classic (default template 3 icons and /trp3 roll icons)
  • Fixed an issue when using the "Right-click to open profile" setting on Classic.

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