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Uploaded by EllypseCelwe
Uploaded Sep 26, 2019
Game Version 8.2.5
Size 1.10 MB
Downloads 64,505
MD5 5bd115329c664ffb07bcb7ec0d3f1825
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Changelog version


  • Fixed an issue with profiles not transmitting through since 8.2.5 release. (Thanks for the useless wrapper, Blizzard.)


  • Updated logo artist credit (Kelandiir).

Changelog version 1.6.7


  • Added a setting to detect speech in emotes and automatically color it. Speech detection
  • Added 7 icons and 1 music from patch 8.2.5.


  • The companion profiles list accessed through the target frame is now alphabetically sorted, and "Create new profile" has been moved out of it.

Changelog version 1.6.6


  • Added slash commands to change your roleplay status, which you can use in macros. You can now use /trp3 status ic to get in character, /trp3 status ooc to get out of character, or /trp3 status toggle to switch status.
  • Added a chat setting to display the OOC indicator next to the name in chat.
  • Added a setting to hide the map scan button if no scan is available.
  • Added a roleplay language field to the main dashboard.
    • This setting is profile-based, defaults to your addon language, and allows you to indicate the language you're roleplaying in.
    • If your addon language doesn't match a player's roleplaying language, you'll see a flag at the bottom of their tooltip indicating their roleplaying language.
    • This change is mainly aimed at Classic roleplayers, as only English RP realms were made.
  • Added back buttons to toggle helmet and cloak display for Classic.


  • Renamed the war mode setting to PvP mode for Classic.


  • Fixed issues when the target bar module was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue causing duplicate Mary-Sue Protocol profiles to appear in the register when unchecking "This realm only".
  • Fixed a few remaining missing icons for Classic (default template 3 icons and /trp3 roll icons)
  • Fixed an issue when using the "Right-click to open profile" setting on Classic.

Changelog version 1.6.5


  • Added Total RP 3: Extended version number alongside Total RP 3 version number at the bottom of the tooltip.


  • Fixed an error when someone executes a scan in your zone. (Classic only)
  • Fixed a potential error when saving a glance slot.

Changelog version 1.6.4

We are aware of a current issue on Retail causing quest item usage from the objective tracker to sometimes fail. While we do not have a fix for it just yet, typing /reload after getting the error message temporarily fixes the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

WoW: Classic support

  • Total RP 3: Classic is now available as a separate download on CurseForge and WoWInterface! Be sure to install it instead of the retail version of Total RP 3 if you plan on roleplaying in WoW: Classic.
  • Important points to be aware of for the Classic version:
    • A few icons have been changed across the addon to replace missing icons in Classic.
    • Companion profiles have been disabled for mounts and non-combat pets, as Blizzard did not provide us with beta access. We will work on implementing them back as soon as possible.
    • Total RP 3: Extended will not be ported to Classic at launch. We will be evaluating if a Classic port makes sense for us to do at a later date.


  • When using the character map scan, characters with which you have set a relationship will now appear on top of the others.

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