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Uploaded by BN_Kaji
Uploaded Apr 18, 2017
Game Version 7.2.0
Size 645.94 KB
Downloads 35,924
MD5 6cf68b48f1739ec2a403e460fe066707
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New features

  • Added option to show custom player icons in names in the chat — Ticket #91

Custom player icons in chat

Added patch 7.2 resources

  • Added 996 new icons from patch 7.2 (for a total of 17,671 icons available.)
  • Added 19 new images from patch 7.2 to insert in your profiles (for a total of 449 images available).
  • Added 124 new musics from patches 7.1 and 7.2 (for a total of 2,868 musics available. Note that the previous music list contained many duplicates that have been cleaned up).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error with the keyboard bindings. — Ticket #89
  • Fixed an error in the Prat module with non-customized names. — Ticket #95

Other improvements

  • Removed the quotes surrounding the "currently" text in the tooltip (IC and OOC). — Ticket #88
  • The profile sanitization option will now also crop unreasonably long texts. — Ticket #92
  • Removed code related to our April fools' day joke.

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