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Change-log 1.2.5 beta 1

Chat customization revamp

We have completely changed our chat customizations to be more compatible with other add-ons like Prat, WIM or even Tongues!

We have also built custom modules for both Prat and WIM to have the full RP names correctly displayed when using these add-ons.

WIM customizations

Prat customizations

Tongues customizations

Additionally, this new system fixes a long standing issue where whispers were displayed in evert chat tabs when the option to have incoming whispers routed to their own tab was enabled.

A big special thank you to Saelora from Argent Dawn (EU) for helping us making this system <3

Bug fixes

  • We have implemented a custom bug fix for an issue in Blizzard's own code that is making any opened dropdown menu close themselves randomly when the map is opened, so it is easier for you to use Total RP 3's scanning features (Reminder: now located inside the filter menu in the top right corner of the map).
  • The extensionxtooltip2 channel should now be joined a little bit later so it is assigned the number 1 channel less often.