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Introspection Tool for Extended Objects


Total RP 3: Extended creations can become very complex.

This debugging plug-in assists item or campaign creators with tracking the (generally invisible) variable state and the workflow execution.

You might find it useful when...

... you create campaigns with several quests

... you create items with variables

... your creation isn't working properly

... you make a large creation in collaboration with others



Features and Usage

Tracking List

  • This module can track multiple items or campaigns at once.
  • CTRL+click on an item in your TRP3: Extended inventory or in your TRP3: Extended bags to start tracking.
  • Click on the red "bug" button on your TRP3 toolbar or on the "Creation Inspector" in the menu to inspect the currently active campaign.

Object Data

  • The tab "Object Data" shows all variables that are currently present within an item or a campaign.
  • You can insert variables, change their values or delete them.


  • In the "Object Data" tab, you can create snapshots of your current item or campaign.
  • Snapshots will be stored independently, so you can have multiple versions of the same object.
  • You can restore an object to a snapshot, which sets all variables and quest progression as in the snapshot.
  • You can share snapshots with others.
  • Note: Snapshots are NOT BACKUPS. If you need a backup of your items, check the TRP3:Extended Wiki.

Workflow Tracker

  • Lists all workflows that have been executed and that are relevant to a campaign or an item.
  • Shortcut button to Blizzard's /eventtrace utility
  • Note 1: Item workflows are only listed, if they have the potential to change the item's state.
  • Note 2: Workflows called through the "Run Workflow" effect are not listed separately.

Quest Overview

  • Shows all quests within a campaign together with their current state.
  • Shortcut buttons for TRP3:Extended's commands /debug_quest_start and /debug_quest_step.
  • Ability to change the current quest step and objectives.

Creation Warnings

  • Shows a list of hints at typical problems that may occur with a creation.
  • Checks for dangerous cross references, missing quest steps and potentially unused workflows.


  • Has basic support for breakpoints (called captures).
  • Capable of capturing several expressions by using a new effect.
  • All currently defined workflow variables are added by default.
  • You can optionally include ${variable:tags}.
  • You can optionally include expressions, just like in the "Dynamic Value" effect.
  • If a capture point is reached, it will evaluate all configured expressions and add the results to the "Captures" tab.
  • Note 1: This effect is only available when this plugin is active. Delete the effect when your workflow does what it's supposed to do.
  • Note 2: Captures do not pause the workflow, but instead make a snapshot for later analysis


In order to use this addon you must have installed