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Tutorials/Variable tags

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New in TRP3 Extended is the text variable tags.


Text tags are placed into ${this}.

Examples: ${wow:player} or ${my_var} or ${item_id}.


The add-on will always try to resolve a tag in this order:

  1. Direct replacement tags
    • ${wow:player} = Player's name, as returned by UnitName("player")
    • ${wow:target} = Target's name, as returned by UnitName("target") or "No target" if no target.
    • ${wow:player:id} = Player's id in the form of player_name-realm.
    • ${wow:target:id} = Target's id in the form of player_name-realm or "No target" if no target.
    • ${wow:player:race} = Player's race. (Extended v.1.0.1)
    • ${wow:target:race} = Target's race or "No target" if no target. (Extended v.1.0.1)
    • ${wow:player:class} = Player's class. (Extended v.1.0.1)
    • ${wow:target:class} = Target's class or "No target" if no target. (Extended v.1.0.1)
    • ${trp:player:full} = Player's TRP3 first name + last name
    • ${trp:player:first} = Player's TRP3 first name
    • ${trp:player:last} = Player's TRP3 last name
    • ${trp:target:full} = Target's TRP3 first name + last name or UnitName("target") if does not have TRP3 profile or the NPC custom name if the target is a custom NPC from the active campaign (Extended v.1.0.6) or "No target" if no target.
    • ${trp:player:race} = Player's TRP3 race. (Extended v.1.0.4)
    • ${trp:target:race} = Target's TRP3 race or "No target" if no target. (Extended v.1.0.4)
    • ${trp:player:class} = Player's TRP3 class. (Extended v.1.0.4)
    • ${trp:target:class} = Target's TRP3 class or "No target" if no target. (Extended v.1.0.4)
  2. Gender resolution (Extended v.1.0.1)
    1. ${gender:player:if_male:if_female} = if_male if the player is male, if_female if is female.
    2. ${gender:target:if_male:if_female} = if_male if the target is male, if_female if is female. Unknown if the gender can't be determined (tomcat). 
  3. Variable resolution
    1. Event variable resolution: Available only in workflows (or any Document/Cutscene played from a workflow) triggered by a game event (campaign/quest game event links). Usage: ${event.var_index} where var_index is the index of the event argument. Example: ${event.2} for the second argument of the event.
    2. Workflow variable resolution: Available only in workflows (or any Document/Cutscene played from a workflow). Sets by the "Object variable operation" effect with source "workflow". Simply use the variable ID. Example: ${my_var_id}.
    3. Object variable resolution: Very contextual as it is variable stored in items or campaign. So only accessible within the same item or the campaign/quests. Sets by the "Object variable operation" effect with source "object". Simply use the variable ID. Example: ${my_var_id}.
    4. Roll dices result: If you use the "Roll dices" effect in your workflow, you can use ${last.return} in the next block which will resolve to the result of the dice roll. This won't work in the subsequent blocks.
  4. Object link: If the tag is a known object ID, it will create a link (like a game item link). Example: ${rifle} to show the embedded Simple rifle link.
  5. The tag: if none of the solutions above can resolve the tag, the tag will be shown plainly. Example: ${unresolved_tag} will show unresolved_tag.
  6. Extended v.1.0.5: you can now add a default value that will be used in case the variable can't be resolved: ${the_tag::default_value}

Where can variable tags be used?

  • Cutscenes
    • Step text
    • Speaker name
    • Player choices text
  • Item
    • Tooltip left text
    • Tooltip right text
    • Tooltip description
    • Tooltip "use" text
  • Document
    • Page text
  • Campaign
    • Quest objectives text
    • Campaign description text
    • Quest description text
    • Quest step log entry
    • Quest step log history
  • Workflow elements
    • Delay
      • Cast text
  • Workflow effects
    • Common
      • Display text
    • Speech and Emote
      • Narration
      • NPC
      • Player
    • Inventory
      • Nothing currently
    • Document
      • Nothing currently
    • Campaign and quest
      • Nothing currently
    • Sound and music
      • Nothing currently
    • Compagnons
      • Nothing currently
    • Expert
      • Object variable operation
        • Variable name
        • Operation value
      • Send signal
        • Signal value


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