Total RP 3: Extended

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How do I use the quest actions (Listen, inspect, interact or speak)?


First, be sure to have activated a Campaign in your quest log. You can only have one campaign active at a time.

From there you can either:
- Perform an action by right-clicking on the Quest log button on the TRP3 shortcut bar and select your action.
- Select a NPC and select an action on the TRP3 target frame.
- Create quest action macros with the quick tool on the quest log page (top right arrow button) and place the macros on your game bars.


How do I share my campaign?


The easiest way is to create an inner item in your campaign object and share this item in-game. When giving an item to someone, this player will receive the complete root object.

The player can then activate the campaign in their quest log page (it's not automatic).