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214K Downloads Updated Jul 30, 2018 Created Mar 23, 2008

Show Player Talents in Tooltips

710K Downloads Updated Jul 17, 2018 Created Aug 19, 2016

See information about the relics socketed in artifact weapons in their tooltips.

9.6K Downloads Updated Jun 27, 2019 Created Apr 15, 2017

Repurpose ReputationFrame elements to show actual progress as progressbar and in numbers when hovering mouse...

13.8K Downloads Updated Jul 8, 2019 Created Oct 1, 2017

Simple and lightweight tooltips

14K Downloads Updated Jul 10, 2019 Created May 11, 2017

Allows you to specify exactly which bosses and difficulties you want bonus rolls to appear...

2.8K Downloads Updated Jun 25, 2019 Created Oct 12, 2018

Gives the posibility to have your own Personal Blacklist

117K Downloads Updated Nov 13, 2018 Created Sep 4, 2013

Tooltip for milling, prospecting and disenchanting!

12.6K Downloads Updated Jun 27, 2019 Created Sep 24, 2016

addon to create an item list

3K Downloads Updated Jul 11, 2019 Created Sep 11, 2018

Adds a ring around the cursor that shows the GCD and other interesting information.

38.9K Downloads Updated Jun 27, 2019 Created Sep 6, 2010

Currency shows you all of your currencies with just a mouseover.

49.3K Downloads Updated Sep 29, 2018 Created Nov 20, 2011

Keeps track of how many kills you have per mob and displays them in a...

18.5K Downloads Updated Oct 15, 2017 Created Sep 18, 2017

Adds copy/paste WowProgress,, and WarcraftLogs character profile quick links to all player context menus

244K Downloads Updated Jul 31, 2018 Created Oct 10, 2016

In-tooltip tracker for achievement progress for unlocking hidden artifact tints.

441K Downloads Updated Jul 20, 2018 Created Oct 15, 2008

Library providing multi-column tooltips.

1.4K Downloads Updated Jun 27, 2019 Created Feb 6, 2019

Shows azerite trait powerID in the spell tooltip


  By   Talryn
23.3K Downloads Updated Jun 25, 2019 Created Sep 28, 2010

Manages social information with a focus on main-alt associations.

4.3K Downloads Updated Mar 17, 2019 Created Nov 24, 2018

A simple yet enhanced currency datatext for ElvUI, using LibDataBroker.

93.7K Downloads Updated Sep 14, 2018 Created Oct 11, 2016

Mythic+ loot level for Keystones, Weekly Chest and Weekly Azerite Chest

647 Downloads Updated Jun 13, 2019 Created Jun 10, 2019

Automatically sells junk

22.7K Downloads Updated Dec 15, 2018 Created Jun 21, 2013

Light AddOn to fix bugs with Blizzard Raid Interface when players change in combat.