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I want to be just like McconnellRet when I grow up (except for the Narwhals part)


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Notes on Classic:

*** If you are looking for Coordinates, go here

Current Classic features include:

    • Ability to minimize and maximize the world map
    • Map button in the top right corner (instead of X button)
    • Updated map dropdown look
    • (No control panel yet - no need)

Classic Features in progress:

  • Docked quest log
  • Quest points of interest highlighted on the map (with no-spoilers mode on by default)
  • NPC tooltips showing for quest objectives for self and for other party members also using this addon
  • Quest points of interest showing on the flight master map
  • Flight points on the world map
  • Map zoom in / zoom out / pan
  • Dungeon maps
  • Enabled battlefield map (AKA zone map or smaller map normally toggled with shift-M)
  • Zone level range

Important note for Classic users: Ensure that you have the latest version of Twitch Desktop installed, else the older version may try to load the retail versions of addons into your classic directory


Latest features: All rare addons now have a description panel available (similar to the quest descriptions when you click a quest in the log).

The current releases have updated loot tables but will need the spawn descriptions filled and translated.  Any volunteers?


Core addon and control panel hub for TomCat's Tours addons.  You do not need to install this separately if using Twitch.  It will install automatically with any TomCat's Tours addon you install.

Use with other TomCat's Tours addons such as these listed below, or just install TomCat's Tours Complete via Twitch to get them all!

Arathi Highlands
Warfronts Command Center
Hallow's End
Lunar Festival
Children's Week
Love is in the Air

Control Panel


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