TBC players get: Retail-look-and-feel for your world map and (soon) quest log

Retail Maps in TBC


Features for Classic / TBC:

  • Retail Feature Pack for Classic includes:
  • Retail look and feel for the world map and quest interfaces
  • World map minimize / maximize
  • World map pan and zoom (scroll wheel to zoom in)
  • World map fades when you are moving and when minimized - this can be disabled by typing /console mapFade "0"
  • All dungeon and raid maps
  • Map icons for dungeon locations
  • Click the dungeon instance location on the world map to view the dungeon map from anywhere

Additional features being worked on:

  • Quest log docked to the map coming soon
  • Quest markers and outlines on the map coming soon
  • Quest/Dungeon objectives tracker coming soon
  • Quest objectives on NPC and object tooltips coming soon

Note for ElvUI users: You'll probably want to disable the 'smaller map' feature in ElvUI or the map could get pretty small.


Features for Retail:

  • Map markers for all rare spawns from BfA through Shadowlands, including Korthia and The Maw!
  • Various holiday toolkits



Support links, including live support, are available at https://www.TomCatsTours.com

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March 2, 2021:

The Shadowlands Rares features are now available within TomCat's Tours!  To enable them, click the black cat icon or type /tomcats in your in-game chat window.  You can then 'Enable the Beta Features' from there.   


Frequently asked questions:

Q: What does TomCat's Tours provide (see list at the top of the page for the most up-to-date)?

A: Primarily, TomCat's Tours marks the locations of rare creatures and what notable loot they drop (mounts, pets, toys).  There are also additional features that show up during some of the bigger WoW holidays, such as currently, Love is in the Air, and Lunar Festival.  For the rares, you can expect to find everything you need for any of special patch content released during BfA starting with Arathi Highlands on forward.  For Shadowlands, you will have to enable the beta features.  (Shadowlands only) See the control panel by clicking the black cat icon on your minimap or by typing /tomcats in the in-game chat window.


Q: Why are there strobing minimap buttons on my map (and how do I stop them from strobing)?

A: The strobe effect will only occur occasionally when there is special information or an event taking place, such as when the Love is in the Air and Lunar Festival holidays were taking place and features were enabled especially for these holidays.  Clicking the icon once when this happens will stop the strobing for that event.


Q: I don't care about ______ holiday.  How do I hide its minimap icon?

A: Whenever a holiday becomes active, its minimap button will become available.  If you want to hide the button until next year, you can do this in the TomCat's Tours control panel.  Type /tomcats in your in-game chat window to access these settings or click the black cat icon on your minimap (Shadowlands only).


Q: How do I access the control panel?

A: type /tomcats in your in-game chat window, or click the black cat icon on your minimap (Shadowlands only).  There are no configuration options for Classic/TBC at this time.


Q: How do I use the chat commands (slash commands) in Shadowlands?

A: Currently there is only one chat command as it is a shortcut to the addon configuration panel. Type /tomcats in the in-game chat window to get there, or you can go to the game menu, then to interface, click the addons tab, and TomCat's Tours is listed on the left side.



Q: Why did you do _______ the way you did it instead of ________ ?!?!?!

A: There is a lot of thought that goes into my designs, but there has to be a balance when figuring out what can be provided in X amount of time.  If you see room for improvement, there's a good chance that I also already see it.   Most meaningful feedback arrives within a day or two of an addon update.  I have to consider how several hundred thousand players may try to use the addons.  I might guess correctly for the vast majority of players, but I won't understand every player unless I get feedback from those I didn't guess correctly for.  Sometimes it's just a matter of having to take a few shortcuts (i.e. using a minimap button instead of a nicer control panel, or using slash commands) so that everyone can at least accomplish what they want to with the addon.  That's first.  Second is making it so everyone can accomplish what they want HOW they want to do it.  Please remember this when wanting to give feedback or asking for help with the addons.  


Q: If I still have questions, what do I do?

A: You can send me a direct message here on Curseforge, join my Discord server, or visit me when I'm streaming live on Twitch.  The main purpose of the live stream is to be able to provide help to players in a more interactive way where I can show you what's on my screen, but I also play WoW live, discuss other topics, and even develop the addons live... so please do stop by!  All links can be found at:



The remainder of this page is the original addon description as it has evolved since 2018 and some parts might not be up to date yet.  See the previous Q&A for the latest:


For help:

Support links, including live support, are available at https://www.TomCatsTours.com

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