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A simple plugin that shows your current Conquest count on your Titan Panel, rather than having to open the PvP Finder window.

While you're on the weekly quest, you'll see your Conquest count. The number starts off green, and shifts to red as you approach the maximum. Once you've reached the maximum (500), a treasure chest icon will appear after the number to remind you to turn in and avoid overcapping. Once you're caught up and have turned in the current week's quest, the display will change to "Done!" to indicate that you don't need any more Conquest right now. For your convenience, clicking it will open the PvP Finder window.

This addon uses Eliote's Titan Panel Library. This little file does a great job of handling a lot of the backend stuff to make a Titan Panel plugin work, so I can spend more time on making the plugin do what I want it to.

Bug reports and feature suggestions should be submitted using the ticket tracker.