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About Titan Panel [Simple Achievement Tracker]

I got tired of not being able to see my tracked achievements in the default WoW interface because they got buried by my tracked quests. Simple Achievement Tracker is the product of my effort to fix that problem. I wanted fast, customizable and above all "Simple."

Requires Titan Panel

Titan Panel [Simple Achievement Tracker] (TSAT) will do:

  • SIMPLY display your tacked achievements no matter what other frame is open when you hover over the button . Allowing you to unclutter your game space.
  • SIMPLY make it ALOT easier to find your tracked achievements in the WoW achievement frame by using the search option while hovering over the button.
  • SIMPLY display required sub-achievements (and sub-sub-achievements) for your currently tracked achievements.
  • SIMPLY give you options to customize the way the information is presented.
  • SIMPLY make you smell like bacon.

Titan Panel [Simple Achievement Tracker] (TSAT) WILL NOT do:

  • Tell you what to do.
  • Try to micro manage every little aspect of your achievements.
  • Make comments or place icons on your maps, tooltips or Facebook.
  • In some rare cases .... work.

Right-Click Options:

  • Right-clicking on the Simple Achievement Tracker icon/text will give you a list of options. They are:
    1. Show Icon
    2. Show Label Text
    3. |- Show sub-achievements
    4. |- Show completed sub-achievements
    5. |-- Show sub-sub achievements
    6. |-- Show completes sub-sub-achievements
    7. Use smaller font size
    8. Hide Simple Achievement Tracker

Downloading and Installing:

  1.  If using Curse (recommended), simply click "Install via curse client."
  2. Otherwise, unpack the zip file to your /Interface/AddOns directory within World of Warcraft directory.
  3. Start World of Warcraft
  4. Right-click the Titan bar and select, >Information>Simple Achievement Tracker.

Known Issues:

  1. The server does not return the name/description of an achievement.
    • This will result in a "** Not returned by server **" entry in your tracked achievement list. Not much I can do about this =\
  2. Some achievements require display of "sub-sub-achievements" to see your progress.
    • I might approach this if it becomes a serious issue later.
  3. Activating "Use smaller font" in the options menu makes ALL tooltip's fount size small.
    • First try to reload your UI by typing "/reload" in the chat window
    • If that don't work, unselect the "Use smaller font" in the options menu and type "/tsat reset"  then "/reload"in the chat window.
    • If that don't work, uninstall this AddOn and don't tell anyone about the issue. No.. seriously, the WoW UI is buggy sometimes, if the above didn't work to fix it, then something else is going on. Let me know about it.