"This is the first package of professions plugins for Titan Panel, helping you to manage your skill level, plus reagents and all archaeology fragments. Working in all languages!"


Dragonflight integration:

It's working perfectly. Report anything here in case of error or bugs.

Classic integration:

All right!! Any error or bugs, you can report me here in this page, at comments.


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Usage Sample:Profession Bar



1. Donation: Please, donate for this project (PayPal). I work hard for maintain it. US$5 dollars will help more than you imagine! :)

This is a list of people who helped to maintain this project through donations (thank you so much!):
→ Colleen Harper;
→ Patricia Rich;
→ Adrian Collins;
→ Jessica Allen;
→ Randol Ford;
→ Sebastian Edelmann;
→ Edwin Sutton Jr.;
→ Dean Grable;
→ Peter Cebull;
→ Max Toedtemeier.

2. How to use: Right-click in Titan Panel then select the tab "Profession" (name depends of your language). Select the professions do you want to appear in the bar. Done!

3. What can I track?:
•     All professons! There is no limitation or profession missing. (you can select the Master plugin to show all informations in just one tooltip.);
•     All the 20 archaeology fragments in just 1 plugin! [retail only];
•     Reagents for Cooking, Enchanting, Fishing, Herbalism, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Mining, Skinning and Tailoring. [retail only].

4. How to use the "Archaeology Fragments" plugin: This plugin has been made to be very simple to use. Just add it in your Titan bar, when you have anything to be solved, the plugin will show the artefact race which is ready, like that: " Dwarf: Ready!". You can also track all races without need to have an artefact to be solved, right click in the plugin and select which race do you wanna track.

5. I want to translate to my language!: I'll be very thankful! It will be awesome! Just click in the Localization tab and find your language.

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