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"This is the first package of currencies plugins for Titan Panel, helping you to manage your resources! Working in all languages!"

Dragonflight integration:

Working perfectly! Any error or bugs, you can report me here.

Classic integration:

It is working with WotLK Classic. You can enjoy it in the v8.0.0 onwards. :D


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Usage sample:

Currencies Bar



1. Donation: Please, donate for this project (PayPal). I work hard for maintain it. US$10 dollars will help more than you imagine! :)

This is a list of people who helped to maintain this project through donations (thank you so much!):
→ Colleen Harper;
→ Patricia Rich;

→ Adrian Collins;
→ Jessica Allen;
→ Randol Ford;
→ Sebastian Edelmann;
→ Edwin Sutton Jr.;
→ Dean Grable;
→ Peter Cebull;
→ Max Toedtemeier.

2. How to use: Right-click in Titan Panel then select the tab "Information" (the name depends of your language). Select the currencies do you want to appear in the bar. Done!

3. Which currency can I choose?: At the moment this pack contains 100+ plugins:

Dragonflight (25)

    • Aspect's Dreaming Crest,
    • Bloody Tokens [requested by whereswaldo333],
    • Catalyst Charges,
    • Cobalt Assembly,
    • Dilated Time Pod,
    • Dragon Glyph Embers,
    • Dragon Isles Supplies,
    • Drake's Dreaming Crest,
    • Dream Infusion,
    • Dreamsurge Cocoon,
    • Effigy Adornments,
    • Elemental Overflow,
    • Emerald Dewdrop,
    • Flightstones,
    • Magmote,
    • Paracausal Flakes,
    • Primeval Essence,
    • Purified Arcane Energy,
    • Renascent Dream,
    • Renascent Shadowflame,
    • Seedbloom,
    • Storm Sigil,
    • Trophy of Strife,
    • Whelpling's Dreaming Crest,
    • Wyrm's Dreaming Crest.

Shadowlands (20)

      • Adventure Campaign Progress,
      • Argent Commendation,
      • Cataloged Research,
      • Cosmic Flux,
      • Cyphers of the First Ones,
      • Grateful Offering [requested by SajuukCor1],
      • Infused Ruby,
      • Medallion of Service,
      • Phantasma [requested by pierrenichele],
      • Redeemed Soul [requested by RavenDT],
      • Renown [requested by pierrenichele],
      • Reservoir Anima [requested by scalpsalad],
      • Sandworn Relic [requested by wofw68],
      • Sinstone Fragments,
      • Soul Ash,
      • Soul Cinders,
      • Stygia,
      • Stygian Ember,
      • Tower Knowledge,
      • Valor [requested by Zetaprime82].

WotLK Classic Exclusive (13)

      • Arena Points,
      • Badge of Justice,
      • Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token,
      • Defiler's Scourgestone,
      • Emblem of Conquest [requested by SunfyreBlazing and joufflu_brutal],
      • Emblem of Frost,
      • Emblem of Heroism,
      • Emblems of Triumph,
      • Emblem of Valor,
      • Honor Points,
      • Sidereal Essence [requested by Prymes_2100],
      • Stone Keeper's Shard [requested by ElRaspadillo],
      • Venture Coin.

Battle for Azeroth (12)

      • Artifact Power (Azerite) [developed together with GrimNotepad],
      • Coalescing Vision,
      • Corrupted Mementos,
      • Echoes of Ny'alotha,
      • Jelly,
      • Polished Pet Charm,
      • Prismatic Manapearl,
      • Seafarer's Dubloon,
      • Seal of Wartorn Fate,
      • Service Medal,
      • Titan Residuum,
      • War Resources.

Draenor (7)

      • Apexis Crystal,
      • Dingy Iron Coins [requested by thebl4ckd0g],
      • Garrison Resources,
      • Oil,
      • Primal Spirit,
      • Seal of Inevitable Fate,
      • Seal of Tempered Fate.

Events (7)

      • Brewfest Prize Token,
      • Coin of Ancestry,
      • Darkmoon Prize Ticket,
      • Lovely Charm,
      • Love Token,
      • Spooky Supplies,
      • Tricky Treat.

Legion (11)

      • Ancient Mana,
      • Coins of Air,
      • Curious Coin,
      • Drowned mana [requested by Faradriel],
      • Legionfall War Supplies,
      • Nethershard,
      • Order Resources,
      • Seal of Broken Fate,
      • Sightless Eye,
      • Timeworn Artifact,
      • Veiled Argunite.

Legacy (10)

      • Bloody Coin,
      • Champion's Seal [requested by Katmandu26],
      • Elder Charm of Good Fortune [requested by BuKitty],
      • Epicurean's Award [requested by Katmandu26],
      • Ironpaw Token [requested by Katmandu26],
      • Lesser Charms of Good Fortune [requested by fireymerlin],
      • Mark of the World Tree [requested by Jirtar],
      • Mogu Rune of Fate [requested by BuKitty],
      • Timeless Coin,
      • Warforged Seal [requested by BuKitty].

Others (4)

      • Brawler's Gold,
      • Gold,
      • Shiny Pet Charm,
      • Trade's Tender.

PvE and PvP (4)

      • Conquest [requested by ryulinho],
      • Honor,
      • Mark of Honor [requested by Faradriel],
      • Timewarped Badge,
      • Tol Barad Commendation [requested by Jirtar and Krysemlyn].

4. I want a currency plugin too!!: Please, leave a comment in this project if you want a currency plugin and I'll add it in the next versions! :D

5. I want to translate to my language!: I'll be very thankful! It will be awesome! Just click in the Localization tab and find your language.

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