ThreatWatch Classic

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The purpose of this addon is to alert your party or raid whenever someone uses an ability which modifies their threat, such as a Warrior using Taunt or a Hunter using Distracting Shot. A full list of what it checks for can be found below; if you have any suggestions for spells or items to add, please get in touch with me via Discord.


The addon works by checking for spell names, then matching them to a pre-defined list; if it finds one, it broadcasts a message in your party/raid chat (it will determine which channel to use by the number of people in the group). You can stop these messages from being sent by using the /tw command to access the configuration window and unchecking the relevant box. You can also select how the messages are sent; you can send them to your party or raid or print them in the chat window.




Items: Grace of Earth

Spells and Abilities: Challenging Roar, Cower, Dire Bear Form, Growl, Soothe Animal, Aspect of the Pack, Cower, Disengage, Distracting Shot, Feign Death, Growl, Intimidation, Holy Shield, Righteous Fury, Fade, Mind Blast, Mind Soothe, Feint, Vanish, Earth Shock, Defensive Stance, Mocking Blow, Shield Slam, Sunder Armour, Taunt, Soothing Kiss, Suffering, Torment